Remember the second essay is due Thursday, June 23rd. The essay should be approximately 1,000 words in length, and it should be typed and double spaced. Use formal essay structure (introduction, body, and conclusion). Also, the essay must be in twelve-point size and Times New Roman font. Remember to provide a heading (student name, professor name, course, date) in the upper left corner. A title must be in the center just above the introduction. And each page number should be preceded by your last name in the upper right corner.
The essay should be an analysis of some aspect of episodes six through ten of Lovecraft Country.
You are required to find and incorporate three research sources for this assignment (and at least one of them must be from an academic database), and to cite your sources (both with in-text citations and with a works cited page). Follow MLA guidelines. The TV show, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and social media do not count toward the research credit, and Wikipedia is a banned source.
Be sure to submit your essay to the appropriate folder in Assignments on D2L.
How does the show’s soundtrack enhance or detract from the story? Reference and analyze examples from one episode.
Analyze the significance of clothing for a character. What does it communicate about their personality or what they are going through?
In episode 6, titled “Meet Me in Daegu,” we learn about some of Tic’s experiences in the Korean War. How have they shaped who he has become?
How is Ji-Ah shaped by her relationships with her mother (umma), her friend Young-ja, and Tic?
Analyze the various roles Hippolyta takes on in the multiverse during episode 7. How does she develop through each experience?
A number of historical figures are featured throughout Lovecraft Country, including Josephine Baker, Bessie Stringfield, Frida Kahlo, and Emmett Till. Select one or two of these examples and analyze how their appearances emphasize the story’s themes.
What might be signified by the monstrous figures that haunt Dee in episode 8?
How do we see Dee transform over the course of the series?
How does the main characters’ lack of communication hinder them?

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