Research shows that entrepreneurs are not aware of the importance of explaining their products and services to potential customers and investors. Select a start-up from the Hult Founders Lab or other start-up organisation and, based on the content discussed in class, prepare a proposal for the selected organisation.
Your proposal may focus on a particular opportunity or may be more general in nature. The proposal must include all aspects of the campaign planning process and be both strategic and tactical. At least three (3) options for collateral must be included in the plan. Each option should have a promotion or information focus. You may dictate the length of the campaign but it should be at least six (6) months in length.
This assignment provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your planning capabilities, as well as a creative approach to the project. The proposal may be submitted as a written document of between 1500 – 3,000 words or as a video of an 8-10 minute presentation, with slides included in the submission.
This assignment will be second marked. Please don’t copy work from internet!!!

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