Review chapters 3 & 7 in The Enjoyment of Theatre
Create an outline for an original play script which follows the progressive categories listed below:
Main idea, Themes, Genre
Time Period, Setting
Cast, Character Descriptions (at least 3—include a Protagonist, Antagonist, and Foil)
Plot Structure part 1: Exposition, Conflict, Rising Action
Plot Structure part 2: Climax, Falling Action, Denouement
Note: You are not writing a playscript but rather creating the OUTLINE for a potential script of a new play.
Once you have completed the basic script outline, add elements of detail to each category. Details should include form (i.e. length of play and sequence of events, if non-chronological); style of dialogue (including use of language); the social, economic, political, and/or religious situation; details about the characters’ history and relationships, etc. Aim to maintain a balance so that no single area of the script outline is lacking in comparison.

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