Review the section in your book on social norms, especially the part about folkways and mores.
Have you heard about No Pants on the Subway Day? Watch the following video to find out about it:
After you have read review the materials for Chapter 4 and watch the video above, choose one of the following prompts and follow the directions for your D4 post. After you have posted your response, read some of the responses of your colleagues, and provide substantive commentary to at least three.
Option 1: New Normal
Over the next few days, think about the ways social norms have changed for you as a result of the pandemic. Try to think of something specific that you are doing differently, or experiencing differently that is a direct result of COVID 19.
Write a three paragraph post including the following:
Explain at least one thing that has changed for you and how this has impacted your life.
How do other people factor into what you have described above? Are others behaving the same, or differently than you? Using the sociological imagination, how can you explain any variation in social norms?
Do you think this change will continue even after we are past this pandemic? Explain your answer.
After you read the following paragraph, choose one of the two available options for this discussion:
Socialization processes can be used to establish, modify, or eradicate individual and social behavior(s). Socialization takes place over time although the amount of time required to modify behavior can vary. As the first options explains, we are constantly being socialized to be better consumers. We are constantly given messages to be better consumers (shoppers!), by social media, by people around us who have stuff we want, etc. As the second option explains, technology can be disruptive, causing huge changes in social norms over a very short period of time (think about the shift from horse drawn carriages to automobiles as the primary mode of personal transportation). REMEMBER: socialization IS NOT the same thing as socializing. Socialization is the lifelong process through which we learn the attitudes, values, and behaviors appropriate for members of our culture.
After you have submitted your original post, provide substantive commentary to at least three other posts.
Option 1 – Story of Stuff
Go to and watch the film, “The Story of Stuff.”
Then watch
Answer the following questions in a three paragraph essay:
Though these films were released several years ago, some things have not changed. How are we are still socialized to be active consumers?
Identify one specific item from the films that you found interesting and look online to see anything has changed since the first film was released. Explain, and cite your source(s).
How can socialization be used to modify our relationship to “stuff?” In other words, what can we do to socialize other people to focus on social change instead of consumption?

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