Accomplish 7 Using the Role of Teacher or Educator with our Clients
Required Reading and Other Learning Activity for This Assignment:
Please read Chapter 14 to effectively complete this assignment, and pay particular attention to pages 266-268.
Required Thinking for This Assignment:
Think of a time when you needed to learn something from another person in order to achieve one of your goals.  In what ways did the other person’s teaching help you achieve your goal?  (OPTIONAL:  You may briefly refer to this in your writing, but this is not to be the main focus.)
Required Content for This Assignment:
The main focus of this assignment is to discuss the role of teacher or educator in use with our clients.
Please address this following points in your writing:
How might you use the role of teacher or “educator” in your future work with clients? 
In what ways is this similar to the use of these roles in our personal lives? 
In what ways is this different from the use of these roles in our personal lives?
NOTE:  The textbook is a required source for this assignment.

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