Search is one of the main ways that customers and associates find the products they need.
One of the key goals of the Search ADPM is to improve search results for customers and associates, with the goal of helping as many customers find products as possible, as well as supporting the wider organization. Customers who cannot find the product they need can be expected to leave the site without purchasing
Customers are telling us they have trouble finding light bulbs on the site. However, where the trouble lies is unclear.
Use the included data to complete the following:
•Within the category of Light Bulb products, prepare a 10-15 minute presentation identifying key opportunities for improving Search for light bulbs
•Include at least one project to be taken into the roadmap, and explain why you prioritized this
•Include benefits, key requirements, and any known assumptions or risks
•Include a rough expected timeline
•Every product costs $10
•Field Meanings:
•TotalSearchesis the number of times each query was searched
•Null is the number of times the query showed 0 products
•ATC is the total number of times a product was added to the cart from this query
•Orders are the number of orders in which at least one product was purchased from this query
•Units is the total number of products that were purchased from this query
•ATC Rate is the percent of the time a product was added to a cart from a query

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