*** please split each question up to be 200 words eachlet me know if you have any questions1. Aprilville, a small town outside Bigcity, plans to implement a Neighborhood Watch program. The town mayor has asked you to find out if the program, once implemented, will have any effect on the town’s crime rate.Design a research study to answer this question:Formulate one or more hypotheses and operationalize the concepts.Choose a research design from those discussed in the chapter and explain why you selected this design.Select a data-gathering strategy and explain why you chose this technique2. Chose a public venue (a library, a grocery store, a video store, an office building, etc.) and inspect the location and answer the following questions:What situational crime prevention techniques are in use in this location? What types of crime do they attempt to prevent? (For example, metal detectors help prevent the theft of library books.)What additional crime prevention techniques could be used to reduce crime in this location?


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