Select an organization whose work is focused on sexual social justice. You can select an organization from the list posted in the list below or find one on your own. Research the organization through their own website, online articles/press releases, staff interviews or even their Yelp reviews (client / staff comments). You can also use articles about the issue the group addresses or the population they serve. Use at least three different sources for your research. Use the most recent and updated sources. Include in-text citations and a works cited page using APA format.
Your paper should be 3 full pages, double-spaced. Number your paragraphs from #1-#10 to answer each question listed in the above rubric. Write a short paragraph (at least 2-3 sentences or you can write more) answering the questions list in the above rubric. Answer the questions in your own words, paraphrasing/summarizing the information you’ve researched rather than cutting & pasting big sections directly from the organization’s website. If you quote directly, use quotation marks.

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