Select one of the case studies below for your assignment. In
your discussion, be sure to evaluate the presence and effects of alterations in
the homeostatic state secondary to gender, genetic, ethnic, and temporal
Case Study 5: Disorders of Gastrointestinal Function
Marcee is a 52-year-old woman who worked at a
reception desk at a company head office. She took some time off when she was
treated for color ectal cancer. The Dukes classification was stage I, and the
treatment protocol involved surgery and radiation therapy. No one in her family had a history of
the disease. Marcee does not drink or smoke, but she does not pay close
attention to her diet. At work, her meals consisted mainly of the foods she got
from vending machines at the cafeteria. At home, she preferred to heat up frozen dinners or any prepackaged
food that required minimal preparation time.
1.Review Marcee’s diet. What
factors in her dietary choices might contribute to the development of
colorectal cancer?
2.Colorectal cancer often arises
from adenomatous polyps. What are the development and histologic features
of these polyps?
3 Colorectal cancer may be a
complication in individuals with ulcerative colitis. How are the
“pseudopolyps” seen in this disease different from the polyps discussed
4.Why is a fecal occult blood
test used as one of the screening tools for colorectal cancer? Explain the
procedure for administering the test.
Case Study Assignment Requirements
Make sure all of the
topics in the case study have been addressed.
Cite at least 5
references in your case study paper; this may include peer-reviewed journal
articles, textbooks, or evidence-based practice websites to support the
reference sources must be within 5 years.
Do not use sources
such as Wikipedia or UpToDate as a reference.
Assignments must have
at least four full pages of analytic content, double-spaced (the cover
and reference pages do not count in the page count, but must be included with
the assignment), and follow APA 7th edition format.
Rubric Title: MN551 Unit 6 Assignment Rubric
Content Quality criteria 1

One of the
assigned Unit 6 case study topics for assignment paper: Gastrointestinal Disorders is chosen.

Displays complete
understanding of all critical concepts by answering all case study questions
thoroughly, utilizing evidence-based practice.

Supports opinions
and ideas with evidence-based practice details and examples where appropriate.
Criteria 2 Collegiate-level academic writing

Includes no more
than three grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors that do not interfere
with the readability.

Meets the
assignment paper length requirement of at least four full content pages,
excluding the cover page and reference page(s).

Supports all
opinions and ideas with relevant and credible reference sources of information.

Provides 5 or
more peer-reviewed or evidence-based practice scholarly references sources.

All reference
sources are within the past five years.
Criteria 3 Citations and Formatting

overall order of information is clear and contributes to the meaning of the

may be 1-2 sentences, or one paragraph that is out of order, or other minor
organization issues.

attempt at APA formatting and correctly citing all reference sources. One or
two formatting, in-text, or reference citation errors may occur.
Quotation marks and citations make authorship clear.

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