All posts should use standard English, complete sentences, and be spell-checked. You start out with a 100%! You will lose points for not fully answering the questions, using poor grammar, misspellings, or improper capitalization including the lowercase ‘i’. It helps to have someone else read your posts before submitting.1. Select only one of the statements below (a-c), state whether you agree or disagree, and defend your position using terminology you have learned from the first half of your economics course. There are no right or wrong answers; there are only defended and undefended positions! a. During a quarantine, store products should not be on sale (ie buy 1 get 1 free) because it promotes hoarding and reduces the supply of products available to all shoppers.b. Some years ago, many companies switched to unlimited sick leave. Lately, companies have also been switching to unlimited vacation time. These changes will improve employee productivity and satisfaction throughout the company.c. As a result of the quarantine, a significant number of smaller businesses permanently shut down. This will not affect the economy because larger companies will be able to provide products/services to their former customers and hire their former employees.2. Give substantial responses to 2 classmates’ posts.


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