Short Story Draft.
Your short story should be 5-7 pages and should show evidence that you’re incorporating course concepts including:
Showing and not telling
Character development
Consistent tense and point of view (unless you are intentionally being experimental)
A strong setting (depending on how much it contributes to the story)
Realistic and clear dialogue
Descriptive writing using all five senses
An arc, including rising action, a climax and falling action
You may write an “excerpt,” from a longer story, but I would prefer it not be Chapter 1, as if you started a novel and quit — but a later scene that encompasses a mini-arc. If you choose this, it will take some imagination.
If necessary, review the stories from the fiction unit — the story this week is a great example of a perfect short story that has great dialogue, a strong voice and an arc.
Example short story link:
Guidelines: best method for writing dialogues:

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