In my essay, “Description and Criticism of three murals by Rivera,” I further explore the content of the murals, keeping in mind two things. One, the aesthetic observations on art made by Abbott and Moore. Two, the sociopolitical environment of Mexico (as read in “Mexico: Revolution and Stability” and “Porfirio Elects a Governor”) leading to the Revolution.Your task for this assignment consists of two parts. One, pose an observation based on my study of Rivera’s murals.Two. Take one mural by Rivera (from the ones I cover in my essay) and narrate what is taking place (or has taken place). Here you want to speak for the mural and employ your own narrative template (just as Abbott taught us in his article).Since Rivera’s murals speak of the Mexican Revolution, your narrative must revolve around this theme; make it at least ten sentences long.


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You may also use the article (6.15) “there’s more to life than being happy” to write your essay.

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