It’s a hands on Project: You will need to follow the attachment to complete the assigment. Unfortunally, I am unable to complete the assigmment due to not having a Windows computer.Please begin weekly assignment C by reading chapters 6 and 7 of the text and 4 hands-on activities indicated below. Since this assignment is active learning, you do not have to provide any references and APA v6 formatting is suspended. Your deliverable should be a powerpoint demonstrating successful completion of the following:Please address the following:Hands-on project 3-1 page 110 / Hands-on Project 3-2 page 111 (50 points)Hands-on Project 6-2 page 223 (25 points)Hands-on Project 7-2 (25 points)


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Identify and explain 2 specific problems whiteness and/or white privilege present to minorities (pick any 2 groups of your choice) in the u.s.?

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