so the task is to complete my final End of semester project i must pass this project to graduate from college therefore this needs to be absolutely top notch with zero mistakes. You must complete the remaining research module, i have already completed research module 1, i have attached it in reasons to help you continue the task as it is the introduction. Therefore you must complete module 2, 3 & 4, they all have their own instructions, when you open them you will see it. I have attached 3 pdf file; Lab 1, Lab 2 and Lab 3. those Labs contain the Academic resources that you must use to write this paper and those are the ONLY one you can use. This paper is resolved around 2 social science discipline; Economy and Sociology, in Module 2 you must write body paragrahps about the first social science discipline which is Economy, Module 3 you must write body paragrahps regarding the second social science discpline which is Sociology, Module 2 and 3 should be about 3-4 pages each. Module 4 is self explanatory it is the conclusion. if you have any questions regarding this task please advise me asap

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