Social Issue Argument Rubric: Part Two
Middle (5-7 pages): This is where you will make your case. How can you make people understand the need to change the situation? Is it a crisis? Is it hurting people or animals? Use your research to show this to your readers. Your middle will consist of numerous sections dedicated to proving that something must be done to help. You will include opposing opinions, case studies, examples, statistics, and primary and secondary research. Due to the current health crisis, we will exude interviewing and volunteering–please stay home and research from the safety of your home.
______/30 points: An organized structure with specific data, case studies, facts, and ideas that support your claim statement.
______/40 points: Reasons/points are supported with primary and secondary research.
______/10 points: Counterarguments are anticipated/revealed and refuted.
______/10 points: APA format is followed: parenthetical citations, running header, headings, and updated reference page.
______/10 points: Body paragraphs are free from grammatical errors

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