Society is becoming increasingly aware of the strain we are putting on the world’s resources. Sometimes private individuals or groups are left to take up the cause of sustainability. However, in many cases governments have intervened in an effort to conserve resources for future generations. The fishing industry is one such of these examples. The government has begun regulating markets in the US and effectively creating catch quotas for commercial fisherman.
This is a multipart assignment in which you will examine and evaluate the fishing market, outlining the merits and weaknesses of regulations as well as suggest an alternative, from an economic point of view. As you progress through the course you will incorporate more and more economic language into your analysis, in the end forming a complete economic discussion.
Part I – (this draws on monopoly and antitrust regulation (Ch 9) to improve the argument made in the Rough Draft as well as describe an unintended consequence)
Consider catch shares and the negative aspects of this government intervention. In addition to improving your paper based on the feedback you received, add to your previous discussion of catch shares using what you have learned about how monopolists make pricing and output decisions and how and why market power is a problem. Recall from the documentary how catch shares and monopoly are related. Include any other negative aspects of catch shares that you find through your own research – make sure you use economic terminology from chapter 9 throughout this part of the paper.
Part II – (this requires you to offer a creative alternate solution to the consequence you described above)
Now put yourself in the role of a social advocate. Noting the problems you presented above, what solutions do you have to help protect society? Offer an alternative solution that addresses the issues you noted in the rough draft and avoids the problems you noted above. Be creative, you are not limited to possible government interventions but should also consider potential interventions from other groups in society.
Note: This is the final part of the writing assignment. DO NOT include section titles/headers however you must submit a cohesive completed paper with title page, introduction, body, conclusion, a graph, and bibliography page. The paper should breakdown the market and problems within it, evaluate the current solution and it’s limitations, and propose an original contribution/potential solution – use economic terminology throughout.
The body of the text must be at least 7, no more than 8, full pages: a revision of the first 4 pages already submitted for the rough draft PLUS an additional 3 pages. The additional three pages should be used as you wish to expand on the rough draft as well as add the new parts above and integrate the two parts into a coherent whole. Double-spaced, 1″ margins, and size 12 Arial FONT. It should be in written your own words and not a series of quoted texts. You should write from your own ideas, formed through research, but not by over paraphrasing or over quoting other work. File type must be .pdf . No other file types are supported, especially not .pages or Google docs.
Make sure to include a title page (use this file Title Page.docx
Download Title Page.docx
and an updated bibliography page (both should be on their own pages and not share a page with the body of the text and are not included in the page count). Graphs/Charts/Figures/Bibliography MUST be at the very end of the text and are not included in page count. Only use in-line citations with the author and the year in parentheses at the end of the sentence; do not include citations in the footers. The full citation should be given on the bibliography page only. The entire paper should be double spaced, DO NOT add extra spaces between paragraphs, do not add footers or headers, do not add extra space at the top or bottom of your pages – these will result in deductions from the page count and lost points on the paper.
In order to earn full credit you must include proper CHICAGO Manual of Style (Author-Date System)
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citation for at least 7 citations: the documentary, 2 websites, and 2 articles

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