Step 5: Discussion Section and Completed Research Proposal In this final step, you will compose an APA-style discussion section, update your References page, and put all sections of the proposal together. You will then submit your entire individual research project proposal for grading.
1. Write the APA-style Discussion Section. Keep the following guidelines in mind when writing your discussion section: Comprehensive. A well-written discussion section revisits the aims of your study and effectively brings everything back together. Interpret your hypothetical results and discuss how it would contribute to the current state of knowledge on your research topic. Make specific connections to the field and to psychological theory as they were introduced in your literature review. Identify and discuss limitations in your method, data, statistical analyses, etc. Provide a direction for future research. For suggestions and guidance for how to approach your discussion section, check out these great resources: ▪ Purdue Online Writing Lab, “Writing the Experimental Report: Methods, Results, and Discussion”: ogy_experimental_report_writing/experimental_reports_2.html In litteris proficere volo malo diligere Jesum. Course Syllabus Page 10 of 19 ▪ APA Style, “Paper Format”: ▪ CSP Library Website, “APA 7th Edition Guide”: o Organization. Discussion sections are well-organized. They begin with a strong introduction, a solid body, and an eloquent conclusion. The reader is clear about the direction and aims of the research topic and where you took it. Sub-sections may be used. o Source Inclusion. Integrate and overtly discuss, synthesize, and connect sources in a meaningful way. It may be necessary to add additional sources to help make new connections.
2 Update the APA References page. Add any new sources discussed in the discussion section to the APA References page. When done correctly, all sources discussed in the completed research proposal will be listed within the APA References page. Similarly, all sources within the References page will be overtly discussed and cited within the completed research proposal. The References page begins on the first full page following your completed research proposal, after the Discussion section.
3. Put all sections of the completed research proposal together in APA style. This includes: Literature Review, Method Section, Results Section, Discussion Section, and References page. For tips on putting all sections together correctly according to current APA-style paper standards, Word document, 12-pt font, double spaced, 1-inch margins). 3000 or more total words (not including references). Word Count – Entire Completed Research Proposal

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