Step One – Checklist: In your Module 5 Readings, Videos, and Lessons, JesseDee shares five shocking slide presentation design mistakes we need to avoid. Make a checklist of all five shocking design mistakes, and carefully go through your Module 1 Self-Assessment slide presentation. Write down a) ways your previous presentation embodied these five shocking design mistakes and b) ways your presentation worked well.
Step Two – Revision: After creating your checklist, revise five of the slides you originally submitted for your Module 1 Self-Assessment. Revise your slides so that they do not make any of JesseDee’s shocking design mistakes. So that your classmates will be able to review your revised slides, be sure to export them into PPTX format to submit on the Discussion Forum.
JesseDee’s “You Suck At PowerPoint” (LinkedIn SlideShare)
You Suck At PowerPoint! by @jessedee
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(LinkedIn) from Jesse Desjardins – @jessedee
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Dan Heath: Made to Stick: Presentations that Stick (3:19)
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