Students will be required to write two synthesis papers related to family violence from cases in the media (i.e. newspapers, magazines, media coverage, etc.). These synthesis papers should include citations to the associated media article.
Synthesis papers must address each of the following criteria:
A brief summary of the main points as they relate to course materials. This should be no greater than two full paragraphs (3 points).
Discussion of the population highlighted in the media (i.e. children, women, LGBTQ, African Americans, etc.) and how the textbook or other reference material acknowledges this population as it relates to family violence. This should include references and/or statistics to validate your points (3points).
Analysis of media reporting bias (i.e. sensationalism, bias by omission, bias by spin, etc.) (2 points).
Analysis of oppressive or discriminatory bias (i.e. sexism, racism, ableism, etc.) (2 points).
Critical analysis of how the case of family violence could have been prevented (i.e. better educated first responders, additional support services, etc.). If you do not believe the case is preventable, a detailed explanation of why is required (3 points).
APA 7th edition formatting, which includes a cover page, correct citations and references, spacing, and critical review for typological errors prior to submission (2 points).
Synthesis papers should be between four and six pages, excluding the cover and reference pages
** I am attaching my first synthesis paper that I wrote so you have an idea of what I did,

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