Students will complete a final scholarly research paper that will be due at the end of the semester. The paper provides an opportunity to integrate the larger themes of the class. Students are expected to incorporate the Functionalist and Conflict Theory in their evaluation of a particular national sport culture. Papers should address the historical development of Sumo Wrestling in Japan. Students will develop a comprehensive overview of Sumo Wrestling in Japan.
It will be important for students to include the following key sections: 1) overview of national history of sumo wrestling, 2) overview the rules of sumo wrestling and its historical development, 3) overview of the cultural importance of sumo wrestling, 4) overview expressions of cultural values in sumo wrestling in Japan, and 5) explore how this cultural product has influenced US sport experiences and sport identities, and/or explain how a culture outside the U.S. has changed in response to internal and external pressures.
5 peer reviwed journal articles
12 pt. font, APA style, black ink, times new roman font style, white paper, indent new paragraphs, use paragraph breaks

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