Students will critique different assessments throughout the course to enhance their skills in evaluating reliability and validity to tests that will be used with a client. The assignments will ask students to apply the knowledge they are acquiring in chapters and other course content. The assignments will require thorough analysis of assessments. You may complete the assignment individually or choose a partner from the class. Each person/partner will submit the assignment individually. If you are working with a partner, please include both of your names on the submission.
Students will research a peer-reviewed article and complete a test critique about the assessment being discussed. The article needs to include a study that will provide the information being requested in the outline. If you need more information about the assessment, you are welcome to research it online. This additional information should be included on your reference page. In-text citations will be needed to show what information was taken from each reference. Try to find an assessment that is not listed on the course page. This will provide you an opportunity to learn about different assessments available and their purpose. An outline is attached below. The assessment must be relevant to the counseling profession.
Complete in APA format – refer to syllabus for all written assignments regarding formatting.
Try to find an assessment that is not covered in the class.
Helpful websites:

500 Free Online Assessment & Screening Tools

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Articles: 190556

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