Students will examine in detail some aspect of the life of slaves in the United States
since 1619. Students will take advantage of a wealth of “slave narratives” — words
from slaves and former slaves themselves — to research and write about slave life. To
begin, students will choose to read a Book, one of three Classic Slave
Narratives: Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, or Harriet Jacobs/Linda
Brent. The narrative students choose to read will form the foundation of the research
project. Using the information gained from reading one of the above narratives,
students will decide on a specific aspect of slave life to research and turn in
a Topic. Then, students will assemble an Annotated Bibliography of primary and
secondary readings for the project where they will describe the utility of each
source. Next, students will prepare a detailed Outline of their final research paper
that will conform to the specific guidelines on the Outline page. Finally, students will
prepare a Final Draft of their research in a paper.
All written work submitted for the Research Project must conform to the
Format and Documentation Requirements listed below and be submitted by the
deadlines listed in the Course Schedule of the Syllabus.
The Research Project is comprised of
a: Book Choice, Topic Page (10 pts), Annotated Bibliography (15 pts), Outline (25
pts), and Final Draft (50 pts). Combined, the Research Project will equal the value
of one exam grade (100 pts).
Please see the Course Schedule section of the Syllabus for the dates by which you
must submit your: Book choice, Topic Page, Annotated Bibliography, Outline,
and Final Draft. The Finial Draft for this assignment is a minimum of 4 pages, with
a maximum of 6 pages (NO MORE than 6 pages) of text, this count DOES NOT
include Title Page, or Bibliography page.
our topic matters.
The Topic paragraph should be at least 13 but not more than 17 lines long. The Topic
Page will conform to the Format and Documentation Requirements specified
below. Students must submit the Topic Page in class by the deadline listed in
the Course Schedule portion of the Syllabus.

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