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This essay assignment is intended to have you delve more deeply into a topic of early British literature of your own choosing. I would hope that you find connections or patterns in what we have read. The paper should be a minimum of five-pages, excluding the Works Cited page.
You must support your claims with specific examples from the text. In addition, you must explain these passages to your reader. Do not make any assumptions! In order to add depth to your paper, I expect you to have at least three secondary sources that you find at the Mercy Library by using the databases, such as JSTOR or Academic Search Premier. You are NOT to use GOOGLE for your search. You are to use only journal articles or books from the library. Do not use SCHMOOP, Grade Saver, Sparknotes, Quizlet, 123 Help Me, etc.
Do not rely heavily on biographical information, and you need to avoid plot summary. For this assignment, assume that you will use texts from our anthology.
We will use MLA format for the paper. Please review the materials in Unit 16 and ask me if you have any questions.
What are the writers Geoffrrey and John Donne perspectives about marriage? And how did it effect religion in the early ages?
-geofrrey Chucer’s and John Donne

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