12-point font, Times New Roman, standard margins, and a separate Reference Page, must be in essay format (Introduction paragraph with thesis statement, main paragraphs, conclusion paragraph – do not turn in a numbered list)must cite from Dark Territory – The Secret History of Cyber Warfare by Fred Kaplan, The movie Sneaker (netflix), and Citizen Four (Youtube), and Citations and referencing must be APA 7th ed.A little summary: The Internet started out as a military research project whose main goal was the easy transfer and sharing of classified information between private and public domains. Over the course of the past fifty years or so, it has turned into the monstrosity that we have today: a global Pandora’s Box of both extraordinary beauty and inescapable darkness. We cannot do anything anymore without being “linked in” digitally in some form or fashion. When was the last time any of us were able to function without our cellular device within arms reach for more than a few minutes? How many of you know how to actually use a typewriter? Or when was the last time you took notes in an actual notebook with a pen that had actual ink in it? Car mechanics now have to be able to debug an engine instead of just changing a spark plug. Our toasters are communicating with our refrigerators and our Food Processors and Alexa is listening and recording everything we say in our “Smart Houses.” Your TikTok account is owned and being viewed by the Chinese government. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and Google are using tracking software to watch your browsing history to pinpoint advertising to your pages. Political parties are paying top dollar for influencers to hawk their agendas in an effort to gain your vote. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.Governments are using the Internet for more nefarious means. Fred Kaplan gives us a glimpse into that world, but we can bet it is much worse than is being reported. Summarize the topic of Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare and answer the questions: Where does it all end? Does it have an ending at all? Is there hope, or are we heading towards a global digital dystopia? Is this where warfare is headed in the future?


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