Please answer the below in 400 word limit in APA format. Need to reply to other 2 classmates with 150 word limit each (please see attached document for classmates posts)1. Review the two articles about bank failures and bank diversification that are found below this. Economic history assures us that the health of the banking industry is directly related to the health of the economy. Moreover, recessions, when combined with banking crisis, will result in longer and deeper recessions versus recessions that do occur with a healthy banking industry. 2. Locate two JOURNAL articles which discuss this topic further. You need to focus on the Abstract, Introduction, Results, and Conclusion. For our purposes, you are not expected to fully understand the Data and Methodology.  3. Summarize these journal articles. 


Articles: 336756

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This should be at least two paragraphs, the first paragraph should describe and examine your thoughts, feelings and learning related to the topic (be sure to give specific examples).

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