o Complete a summarized SWOT analysis using information from the external and internal analyses completed in the previous steps.
o Clearly identify key internal strengths and weaknesses.
o Clearly identify key external opportunities and threats.
Current Strategy Analysis
• Provide a descriptive analysis of competitive approach(es) that your company CURRENTLY takes. You are merely describing what they do now or have done recently. This isn’t what you think they SHOULD do; it was what they are actually doing. You will make your recommendations in the next step when you compile the final paper.
• With that being said, your impressions of their current approach are appropriate here. As you describe and provide evidence of their current approach, you should give your impression of how successful the current approach is. Your impressions should be supported based on the research that you have done on the company as well as your own personal thoughts and experience. As long as you can support your impression, there are no “wrong” impressions. Your impressions of their current strategies will provide foundation for recommendations in the final paper.
Components of Current Strategy:
• Does your company take a cost leadership or differentiation approach to competitive strategy? Maybe they are a combination of the two?
• Is your company currently or recently engaged in specific competitive actions (competitive attack, merger, acquisition, vertical integration, outsourcing, strategic alliances)?
• Does your company compete in international markets?
o What is the scope of their international presence?
o Strategically, do they employ a global, transnational, or multi-domestic approach to international competition?
• At the corporate level, is your company diversified or are they a single business/single industry company?
• How does your company include ethics, corporate social responsibility, and environmental sustainability into their strategies? Do they use or view these areas as part of their competitive advantage?
• What about key and major competitors in the industry and strategic group? Are they engaged in any key and specific competitive actions that impact your company’s situation?

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