Take Greta Thunberge a scholar and apply their theory/argument and analyze some kind of event,
artifact, community, system, etc. to make a larger argument/statement/critique about it.
These arguments/statements/critiques can revolve around particular values or
complications such as truth, race, gender, technology, digital spaces, etc.
Greta thunberg’s theory/argument is essentially the methodology (lens you look through) as you analyze your chosen artifact (object of production/event/social media/user interface/speech etc.). As you analyze your artifact, you will be making arguments based on that close analysis to make a larger contribution (e.g., what implications does your work have here to make larger statements about how we make meaning/communicate/live etc.).
You are free to use whatever citation style you wish. 7-10 pages (if you end up writing more, that’s totally fine. I won’t magically stop reading). Double Space, Times New Roman.

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