Taking this order with sending me the project(s)/theme you select. (project list is in the end of instruction)
Presentation style/format
Submit your research in PDF format
You should present your findings in an informative and engaging slide deck
The slide deck should be ~20 slides +/- 5 slides – quality not quantity
Please insert references as footnotes and hyperlinks at the bottom of each slide
Quantitative information should be clearly described and appropriately communicated (e.g. figures and tables are appropriately labelled)
Make use of appropriate data, tables, charts, diagrams etc. where possible
Try to avoid handing in 20 pages of text only. If you can explain a concept visually – great! Your goal is to make the slide deck as engaging and informative as possible.
Conduct research to prepare a presentation that provides a critical assessment of a Decentralised Finance project. You should present your findings in an informative and engaging slide deck. Choose a DeFi project(s) or theme to research from the list provided below.
Compulsory questions
What is this DeFi application? What does it do? What problem is it trying to solve? What is the value proposition (in general and/or relative to traditional finance)?
Critically assess the extent of decentralisation of this application. Why decentralise at all? What are the costs and benefits of decentralisation (in general and for this specific application)?
Prompting questions
Does the project have a token? If not, should the project have a token? What is the benefit of a token? Can the application work without the token? What purpose does the token serve according to the project team? What purpose do you think the token serves? i.e. critically assess the validity of the token model.
What existing applications does this project make use of? What kind of opportunities might this project provide for other applications to build on top of or interact with? i.e. discuss composability
Assess the competitive landscape
If the project has a token, would you invest? What is the upside? What are the potential risks?
Anything else you find interesting or noteworthy
Projects List:
Notional Finance:
Treasure DAO:
Fixed Forex / Keeper:
Solidly ve(3,3):
Critically assess OHM and or its forks e.g. KLIMA, TIME, BTRFLY etc.
Critically assess the Rari / Tribe merger
Critically assess the decentralised options landscape – you may wish to consider the following projects

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