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OK Please use the "Print" button to print the document. HSC 517 Template for Developing Your White Paper – Module 3 Review of the EvidenceReview of the Evidence (Use APA Heading 1)Introductory Paragraph (Use APA Heading 2)Add your text – introduce your topic and issue.Background and ImportanceAdd your text.DemographicsAdd your text.Analysis of Current StateAdd your text.StakeholdersAdd your text.Needs Assessment/Service GapsAdd your text.Summary of FindingsAdd a 1 paragraph summary that synthesizes what you have learned from your literature search/best practices.References (Use APA Heading 1)Insert a page break and insert your references using APA current edition.Your Checklist – Be sure that you have done the following prior to submitting your review of the evidence base: Used formal writing – third person, highly professional writing. Kept your review objective and fact/evidence-based. Integrated 4 peer-reviewed academic sources from the Excelsior Library (with permalinks). Integrated at least 2 credible professional sources. Integrated at least 2 governmental sources. Used the headings above in your submission. Reviewed your Turnitin report and made any needed changes to improve your score. Copy edited your work before uploading your finalized submission. Page /  1 -100%+ Safe Document Download × Safe Document Download: Template for HSC 517 M3 Review of the Literature-2.pdf Complete OK Document Properties

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