The APA Ethics Code and ethical decision-making can be applied based on cultural differences. For example, one’s own cultural ethical beliefs can influence the decision-making process.
Ethical decision-making within the context of cultural influence is addressed. The study describes how the APA Ethics Code and decision-making are applied based on cultural differences. The authors examine the influence of culturally ethical beliefs on psychologists’ decision-making. In this assignment, you will analyze the process of ethical decision-making and review how the standards coincide with the recommendations.
Read “Influence of Culture on Ethical Decision Making in Psychology” from the University Library located in the Wk 5 Learning Activities folder.
Write a 350- to 700-word informational blog to answer the following:
Describe the premise of the study and the cultural implications on ethical decision-making.
What were the results of the study?
How does culture influence decision-making?
Describe the differences in ethical decision-making between 2 groups.
What is your opinion on how much culture should or does impact ethical decision-making?

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