The marketing plan is a pattern of decisions the company undertakes in a unified fashion that specifies the fundamental and critical choices it will make about the creation, communication, and delivery of its value-laden products and/or services to customers it believes will benefit from these offerings. It outlines the strategies necessary to develop an all-inclusive plan for excellence: customer, product, operations, location.
It will include:
Product and service offerings
Resource acquisition
Delivery methods, i.e., channels, Internet presence; accessibility
Markets including the opening of new and/or emerging markets
Pricing models
Content creation, messaging, and an integrated marketing communication plan
Basis for building a sustainable competitive advantage
Marketing strategies include but are not limited to:
Generating traffic to the company (i.e., e-commerce, physical stores, etc.)
Establishing ROI targets and meeting them
Developing an appropriate budget
Managing the website experience
Developing content for targeting a global audience
Recruiting, hiring, training, developing appropriate staff
Developing an account-based marketing strategy
Profiling the target market(s)
For your research, you may use the company’s website as one source but you should also research the marketing strategy of the company from other perspectives such as from business analysts. You could check sites such as Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Inc., or Forbes. In addition, you should look at the annual report of the company and the Form 10-K filing as both of these documents will present the company form a slightly different viewpoint.
For example, the annual report is written primarily to shareholders and those with an interest in the financial success of the company so it will perhaps look at bit more favorably on events through the year.
The Form 10-K is written to show compliance with financial requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It is for publicly traded companies. It will often discuss its market, associated challenges, and will have less fluff and more factual assessment of the market(s) in which the company operates.
You are looking for the marketing strategy of the company via its marketing plan and determining how well it is working given its current target market and its needs, government regulation, economic pressure, changing demographics, market trends, competition, global pressure, global trade, global unrest, cultural aspects, and other issues. You will try to answer questions such as “Is its marketing strategy still working given what the company is dealing with today?”. Or, is a directional change needed? If so, in which direction? Demographic? Market-based? Product-based? Think about companies like Dell that have recently undergone directional changes and what was needed to accomplish the change. For Dell, it has worked (so far). That same philosophy may not have worked for another company.
You will want to discuss the company from vantage points included in the Marketing Plan such as:
Mission, objectives, etc.
SWOT analysis
Market opportunities
Marketing Mix
Resource allocation
Your written report should follow APA guidelines. If you need assistance on setup, please ask me in class and I will review it for everyone.

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