The Company were doing is VISA INC. I will put in the first part of the project, The excel sheet with all the valuations needed, and finally a sample of the Project.
This is the feedback I got from the first part of the project:
The sections on company and industry research are a good start, but your report needs to be more in depth . Elaborate more for the vertical and horizontal analysis sections. You also offer no explanation or reasoning for any of the key ratios you put in your report. May find a different way to present your pie chart. Right now it’s not effective with a lot of different companies and various shades of grey – not able to tell which belongs to which company.
Table of contents needs to be re-formatted.
The components of the final report should include (depending on your company and industry, not all components may apply)
1. An executive summary, which should conclude with an estimated value of the stock price of the company and an investment recommendation.
2. Business description:
a. Brief overview
b. Company’s key products and value proposition; new products in the pipeline
c. Recent developments/ major events
3. Industry overview and competitive positioning:
a. Size of the industry, company’s market share
b. Industry trends
c. Main competitors and brief description of each competitor.
d. Comparison of products and pricing. Does the company have a competitive advantage?
4. Financial analysis:
a. Common-size income statement (vertical and horizontal analysis) for the most recent 5 years. Explanations for trends and issues.
b. Graphs plotting key ratios over the last 5 years. Identify and comment on any trends or issues.
c. Graphs to compare key ratios to the industry average. Identify and comment on any trends or issues.
5. Company valuation using the discounted cash flows methodology:
a. Include the key parts of your DCF valuation in the text of report and put the entire analysis in the appendix.
b. Discuss key assumptions such as revenue growth, costs, capex, etc. Only succinct discussion is needed – don’t provide long descriptions of the process.
c. Discuss the implications of the sensitivity analysis
6. Company valuation using the public comparables methodology:
a. Justification of the peer group firms: why did you include or exclude certain firms?
b. What is the mean and median of the comps’ multiples? What multiple ranges do you select for your company? Provide explanations.
7. Summary of the values provided by different methodologies:
a. Football field valuation chart
b. Conclusion and investment recommendation (based on the current stock price)
8. Any exhibits or appendices.

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