The focus of our site is air pollution and racial inequalities leading to health disparities in New York City, as it is not only one of the most diverse cities in the world, but also a major contributor to the fossil fuel consumption in America due to its high population density. Furthermore, New York City is not homogeneously distributed, as the separation of wealth, which has direct correlation to race, is extremely pronounced in the layout of the city, consequently leading to an uneven distribution of resources (and pollutants). For example, residents in the South Bronx inhale the emissions of the hundreds of daily trucks going in and out of the nearby Fresh Direct warehouse, and exhaust emitted by constant traffic on the four nearby highways, as well as from the printing presses of the Wall Street Journal, a parcel depot and sewage works not far away. They need asthma hospitalizations at five times the national average and at rates 21 times higher than other NYC neighborhoods, such as the Upper East Side. This is merely one example of the several instances where race and income have played a role in one’s exposure to pollution in NYC. I need to anaylze the current state of the environment and policies.
Research NYC air pollution, the health of populations in 5 boroughs/ how black/ Hispanic populations are disproportionately affected by air pollution and have more health issues affected by air pollution and also look into covid-19 hospitalizations and asthma/ breathing conditions
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