The following 9 basic components of a live sound system must be included in your design::
Microphones: must be appropriate for live sound.
Speakers/Cabinets: must carry adequate wattage for your needs and for the purposes of this assignment, your setup must be passive. Don’t forget about subwoofers as well.
Live/Mixing Console: must be appropriate for live sound and not specifically for recording.
Monitors: live wedges or in-ear monitors for the performers.
Amplifier: a power amplifier that has the specifications that will work for the system you have set up.
Crossover: a unit that will work for your needs in splitting the speaker signal from the sub signal.
Outboard Gear: the number of pieces of gear you choose is entirely up to you, but remember you must justify each one.
Cables & Stands: you may have extra cables, but you cannot be short. Make sure to specify which types of cables are used for which connections.
Road cases and lighting gear.
Submit your paper as a Word Doc (.otd files will not be accepted.)
Do not just write a book report
750 word minimum
Paragraph format, double spaced, proper margins, 12 point font
(Links to an external site.)
to price and spec things out
Include on the last page a table with all of the components, quantity, unit price and total costs.

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