The Goal of this Assignment: Gain a deeper understanding of some of the trickier concepts in this class by applying them to your own life.
Thus, you have great latitude to say how the Key Term has impacted your life, what you think about it, how its broadened your perspective, etc. Since, its only one key term, most of the paper will be about your own experiences and the great thing about that is, no one knows those better than you. That makes the paper much easier to write. So, you have a lot of flexibility.
My advice is to write about one of the topics in this course that speaks to you. I can’t tell you what that is because you are the only person who knows. If you do that, write at a college level, be sure to cite anything you use from the Textbook and Reader, you will pass.
*Papers must be a minimum of three full pages each (to be safe go over onto the 4th page with your text–Work Cited page or Cover page does not count in the page count).
*Papers (typed, double-spaced, with 12-point font, reasonable margins, no spaces added between paragraphs, etc.)
*Papers must include a parenthetical in-text citation that includes the page number for the citation (see below for example).
*Papers must have a separate Works Cited page as the last page of your document (not as a separate document).
The word I want are: Social Control
I also added the criteria in the uploads

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