The length of the report: no shorter than 5 pages, 11pt, not including tables and charts. In
general, after including the tables and charts, if there are any, the report would have 5-6 pages.
The major information source that you will use is EDGAR and Yahoo! Finance.
Please use the following rule to write a financial statement analysis report on the corresponding stock.
If the initial of your last name is between A and G: ADBE, Adobe.
It is acceptable that you finish and submit the final project earlier than the deadline, and use a less up-to-
date financial statement. This is because the firms might update their financial statements right after you
finish your report.
Your report should address the following five questions:
• Analyzing the income statement;
• Analyzing the balance sheet;
• Analyzing the statement of cash flows;
• Analyzing the market ratios and the peer companies to suggest as of the day you conclude your
report, if the stock of the underlying company that you analyze is overpriced, fairly priced, or
• Present and explain the major upsides and the concerns that you identified from the firm’s financial
To answer the five questions above, your report should, at the minimum, include the following analyses as
fit. If there is no data for a certain ratio, you may skip it without penalty on your grade.
Activity ratios, Module 6, Exhibit 10;
Liquidity ratios, Module 6, Exhibit 12;
Solvency ratios, Module 6, Exhibit 14;
Profitability ratios, Module 6, Exhibit 15;
P/E, P/S, P/BV, Module 6, Exhibit 18.
The major information source that you will use is EDGAR and Yahoo! Finance. You may incorporate other
ORIGINAL information sources without using their analytical opinions. Obtaining an existing investment
report and using their financial statement analyses in this report is regarded as academic misconduct.
The Module 6 PDF with all exhibits and all the ratios needed is attached at the bottom for more help on the paper.

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