The paper will be a review of the book Monster using one or more of the theories discussed in class. You will need to demonstrate that you have read the book through summary and examples. You need to also demonstrate knowledge of the theory used to analyze the book. You may focus on macro or micro theories. You can use social psychology to analyze the behavior of the characters in the book. You may also discuss the issues of family, neighborhood, schools, the economy, and the criminal justice system. How are the rules of life different for South Central L.A. compared to where you live?
This book is also about the psychology of redemption. How did the main actor change over time and why? Why did he become a gang member in the first place? How did he view his criminal behavior? Did he change? If so, why did he change? How did he change? What does this book tell us about the psychology of crime?
Mainly, this paper is your reaction to the book, both personally and intellectually. This paper should be approximately 10 pages and is due on April 22.
Students should also give a reaction to the book. How did the book change your ideas about the subject, if at all? Do you agree or disagree with the author?
In order to earn a good grade on the critique students should be able to analyze and critique the material using relevant class material. There is no set format for this analysis. The critiques will be graded on the basis of style, insight, and the ability to apply lessons learned from class. Good luck and feel free to see me if there are any questions or problems.

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