Students will persuade at least three people to engage in some kind of community-based activity (e.g., picking up trash, mowing grass, walking kids home from school, offering dog-walking services, fostering a shelter animal, or raking leaves for an elderly neighbor) that they would otherwise not do if it were not for your leadership. The people you are persuading CANNOT know that the activity is for a class until the activity is over. You will write a 3-5 page brief report (120 pts.) on the activity you engaged in, what type of leadership skills and strategies you used to carry out the activity, reflection on what you learned and how you plan to develop your leadership skills or implement these skills into practice. Your writing must carefully provide credit to all of your sources according to APA standards. After submitting a report, students will submit and present a 5 min. presentation on the activity (e.g., in MS PowerPoint or Prezi).
The presentation (up to 10 slide / 5 min / 30 pts.) and paper will have the following sections:Background for the activity (a rationale and purpose)Leadership skills and strategies you used (provide at least three citations from the textbook and external sources/references)Critical reflection on the activityDevelopmental plan of yourself as a leader


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