The purpose of the Capstone Paper is to research possible career experiences that you plan to pursue with your two minors. Therefore, you will need to combine your work and life experience along with your education experience to design a plan or pursuit. You will research your two minors and qualifications needed for your future career. In your paper you will need to thoroughly explain:
· Your experiences
· Your two minors
· Your career options
· The skills, certificates and experiences you will need to obtain for that career
You will also explain:
· Why you choose your two minors
· Why you choose your career path
· Your desired outcome
The paper must be: is
· 15 pages in length
· double spaced
· with margins of one inch
· font Arial or Times New Roman, size 12
You will also need a Title page and Reference page that are not counted with the 15 pages.
My two minors are Sociology and Psychology
I uploaded my brainstorming ideas in the files to help with the writing.
The reason I chose the two minors is because, I love to observe how people behave in different social enviroments. My desired outcome is to change the mindset of people and the community to promote change in the world. My career path choose is to set up a platform to gain access to the problems of people and the community face.

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