The relationship between music and society in the 1960s is so obvious and well-known that it will be easy for you to find 6-8 relevant songs to illustrate the events, attitudes and changes that took place during those decades. It is important that you read the sample final papers posted on ol.berklee to see examples of how this kind of paper should be written. Most of the paper should be a discussion of, and an analysis of, the historical events. The songs are there as evidence, and are not the primary substance of the paper.
HUGELY IMPORTANT: you MUST use Terry Anderson’s book The Sixties as your source of information for the events you are writing about. You MUST quote directly from Anderson’s text, and cite page numbers with parenthetical citations (234 Anderson). I don’t want to read what the writers of online sources have to say about these important social and cultural events.
The assignment is not to present online information about the 60s and 70s alongside music from those decades. It’s to present information FROM THE ANDERSON BOOK AND OUR LECTURES AND FILMSalongside music from those decades. You may use the films to supplement your use of the Anderson text, but the Anderson text should be a primary source of information.

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