The student will use his/her critical thinking skills to explore and analyze Malcolm X’s “Conk”.
Download the story. After reading Conk, the student will answer different questions in which different thinking skills must be used (45 points).
my-first-conk_malcolm-x_essay-excerpt-from-his-autobiography-mood-tone-voice-pov.pdf Download my-first-conk_malcolm-x_essay-excerpt-from-his-autobiography-mood-tone-voice-pov.pdf
Answer the following questions about Conk:
Identify the cause in the following statement: They needed a wooden spoon for a metal one would turn black with the lye. (2 points)
Identify the effect in the following statement: The jar felt hot because it had lye in it. (2 points)
What was the effect of leaving the congolone the most one could stand? (2 points)
What do you infer is the meaning of congolene? (2 points)
What do you infer is a conk? (2 points)
What does the term White-wigged mean? (2 points).
Is the narrator a static or a dynamic character? Explain in 3 sentences at least. (5 points)
What trait is the best to describe Shorty? (Explain in 3-5 sentences) (5 points).
What does the narrator mean by: “This was my first really big step toward self-degradation? (Explain in 3-5 sentences). (5 points)
Is the title literal or symbolic? Answer in 3 sentences least. (3 points)
What is the passage message? You must answer in a complete sentence. (2 points).
What does the narrator feel about African-American (Negros) who conk their hair? (3 sentences at least) (3 points).
What is the author’s purpose? Answer in 2-3 sentences. (3 points)
How did the narrator feel about his first conk? (2 points).
This is based on a real story; do you think the topic is pertinent today? Justify your answer in a 3-5 sentence paragraph. (5 points)

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