The Writing of
Literature Rhetorically
In this paper, you will
be applying the
concepts of rhetoric in
analyzing a work of Literature.
In 1500-2000 words,
write an essay in which you analyze and evaluate the rhetoric of Zora
Neale Hurston’s,
To complete a
rhetorical analysis, you must consider:
· The writer
· The audience
· The meaning of the piece
· The Historical, social, and political
context of the work
Additionally, consider
how the writer uses literary techniques to craft this piece of literature;
how do these literary
choices appeal to the appeal and the context of the piece? There must be
a discussion of the
literary elements and how, why the writer uses them in the story, give
In terms of outlining
this essay, you might consider this format:
1. Introduction
a. Invitation to the
Essay or “hook”
b. Introduction to the
text being analyzed
c. Road map to the
Essay (Thesis: A sentence that describes what you will do in this
2. Body paragraphs
a. Include rhetorical
analysis, literary techniques, and direct quotes
b. Use MLA internal
c. Explain quotes
3. Conclusion: Must be
Be personal here – How
does this text appeal to you? Are you an intended audience?
Does the difference in
historical location and personal identity matter to your
interpretation of this
short story piece?

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