These are the requirements given to me for this essay
Exemplification essay should focus on Monsters—however you define that term. Here are some examples of potential
topics—you don’t need to choose one of these, but they will give you a sense of
the focus of this essay; remember to give one specific example in each
paragraph (not a category of things but an individual thing), and keep in mind
that this is NOT a long essay, so choose a topic you can support with lots of
detail within its scope; your introduction and conclusion should be fairly
brief to allow the supporting paragraphs to do the heavy lifting. Consider combining your thesis and plan into
a single sentence for clarity and focus.
· Monsters exist, and I have met three
of them: (list as plan)
· I am ashamed of my own monstrous
behavior on three specific occasions: (list)
· I have three favorite monster trucks:
(list them)
· Three of my experiences watching
horror movies have been especially traumatic: (list)
• 5-paragraph format
• Focuses on providing three specific, individual examples (one per supporting paragraph) drawn from your personal experience
• Your essay must connect to the concept of Monsters in a personal, unique-to-you way—don’t consult sources for this essay
• Seriously, no sources!
• 750-1000 words—double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font; MLA format (see LS MLA-d and -e—even though this is not a research essay, the submission format is the same!)
And PDF document required as well. This essay was from a while ago so it’s not an essay that needs to be incredibly advanced

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