This assignment asks that you reflect on the multiple ways you may identify yourself. In the context of human diversity, there are many ways in which you are different from, and the same as, other persons. The same person might identify with or be identified by others as a member of many groups according to race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, religion, and ability status among others. These identities may have been formed and influenced by bio-psycho-social processes and shaped by multiple positive and/or stressful life experiences.
Answer the following questions separately in a five-six-page paper plus cover and reference pages. Your answers to both questions should be supported by reference to the Marsiglia, Kulis, and Luchega-Peña textbook and at least 4 other social work journal articles.
This assignment comprises 30% of your course grade.
Select, describe, and discuss aspects of your multiple identities and where and how your multiple identities come together and intersect. For example, one person might describe herself as a young, lesbian, single, undocumented mother. How have these identities impacted on and shaped your life course?
Each of us feels privileged (empowered) around certain dimensions of our identities and oppressed (disempowered) around other dimensions of our identities.
a. What kinds of challenges and privileges have you experienced as a result of these identities? Do you think that some of these identities are situational?
b. What reactions do you have as you reflect on these areas of privilege and oppression? How does the concept of social justice apply to your experiences? In what ways are you open to exploring the ways you have experienced areas of privilege and oppression?

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