This assignment has two parts. In Part A, you will complete a reverse outline using the Reverse Outline Reference template provided. In Part B, you will write a 400-word summary of ONE of the following articles. You will find that all of the articles address the social and psychological impact of digital technology on contemporary life in some way. Choose the one that you find most interesting to you.
Gordon, C., Juang, L., & Syed, M. (2007). Internet use and well-being among college students: Beyond frequency of use. Journal of College Student Development, 48(6), 674-688. doi: 10.1353/csd.2007.0065
Junco, R., & Cotten, S. (2011). Perceived academic effects of instant messaging use. Computers & Education, 56, 370-378. doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2010.08.020
Turkle, S. (1999). Looking toward cyberspace: Beyond grounded sociology. Cyberspace and identity. Contemporary Sociology, 28(6), 643-648. doi:
Your assignment has two parts.
Part A: Complete a reverse outline of the article you have chosen for your summary, using the template provided.
Part B: Complete a summary of the article in APA format with appropriate page layout and spacing. Your summary should be approximately 400 words, typed and double spaced.
Part A: Reverse Outline
To develop the reverse outline, follow the strategies covered in Unit 1. Remember to focus on both the content and the function of the information in the article. The writing in your outline can be in point form.
Complete the Reverse Outline (Reference)template.
Part B: Summary
When writing your summary, use the suggested organizational structure covered in Unit 1. Make sure your document is formatted in correct APA style by using the APA File Template.
Submission Requirements
Submit your completed Assignment 1 for marking at the end of Unit 1. Follow the Assignment Submission Instructions provided.

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