This essay is based on a case study which is attached. The bulk of the essay should contain analysis and answer the questions. The paper should be double spaced and standard 12 font. No citations or sources required. The first page should include an executive summary.
The executive summary should briefly summarize the case’s main issues and the marketing decisions you have made and the rationale behind those decisions. Here are the case discussion questions to be answered after the executive summary:
1. Conduct
a five-Cs (company, collaborators, customers, competitors, and context)
analysis of Invento’s environment to determine whether Invento should go ahead
with launching its robots. How do you judge each of the environmental factors?
2. Is
Inventors brand unique? Does it warrant a brand premium- why or why not?
3. At
what price should the Mitra and Mitri robots be sold? How many units would
Invento need to sell at that price to break even? Should the price be the same
for both robots? Justify your position.
4. What
kind of channel design should Invento use to distribute Mitra and Mitri? Should
distribution be through Invento’s own sales force, or through independent sales
representatives (ISRs)? Justify your answer.

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