This essay is based upon your reading of excerpts from Henderson & Roberts, eds., Georgia Governors in an Age of Change. This is a 6-page essay on the following topic:
Evaluate each Georgia governor between 1943 and 1983 (Arnall, Talmadge, Griffin, Vandiver, Sanders, Maddox, Carter, and Busbee) and determine if each was a National/Modern/New South Democrat OR a Regional/Traditional (i.e., southern) Democrat (3 pages). Then choose one from each category (one national, one regional) and analyze in more detail what made him that type of Democrat (3 pages). [I have omitted Thompson from the list as he served less than one-half of a full term]
**In making your evaluations on these governors you are to consider their positions on these issues: 1) states’ rights and federalism; 2) white supremacy, race relations, segregation, voting restrictions, and civil rights; 3) county unit system; 4) urban/rural/regional/national/international outlook.**
Focus Questions/Topics:
You are not to answer these questions directly, they are provided only to stimulate your thinking on the assignment (do NOT use these as subheadings in your paper):
• Were there issues that were unique to each governor’s administration?
• What policies and actions identify each governor as national or regional?
• Did Georgia’s governors mirror other southern governors?
• Did Georgia’s governors mirror governors in other parts of the country?
• Did these governors apply the policies upon which they campaigned when running for office?
• Did these governors appeal more to the urban or rural electorate?
• Did the county unit system (or its absence) have an effect on gubernatorial elections?
• Did these governors have positive/cooperative relationships with the state legislature?
• Did these governors pursue policies that were unpopular at the time?
• Did race relations and civil rights play a role in each governor’s administration?
• Did these governors have successful administrations?
• Could any of these governors be accurately labeled a “southern demagogue”?
In this essay you are evaluating Georgia’s governors and their administrations between 1943 and 1983 and identifying each one as a national/modern/New South OR regional/traditional (i.e., southern) Democrat. You are to directly (and correctly) identify each governor and support your answer with specific examples and events; do not straddle the fence or be ambiguous about your answers. Use 12pt. font (Times New Roman), one-inch margins, and double-space your paper; citations should be done in the Chicago/Turabian format; notes should be endnotes. Your essay should be a minimum of 6 full pages in length (not counting endnotes), but feel free to write more. I will grade your essay on: 1) correctly and definitively identifying each governor and providing support and analysis; 2) the logic and coherence of your answer and analysis; 3) grammar and organization. The only source you are using for this essay is the excerpts provided from the Henderson & Roberts book, use no other sources.
● “Ellis Arnall and the Politics of Progress” excerpt
● “Herman Talmadge and the Politics of Power” excerpt
● “Marvin Griffin and the Politics of the Stump” excerpt
● “Ernest Vandiver and the Politics of Change” excerpt
● “Carl Sanders and the Politics of the Future” excerpt
● “Lester Maddox and the Politics of Populism” excerpt
● “Jimmy Carter and the Politics of Transition” excerpt
● “George Busbee and the Politics of Consensus” excerpt

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