This essay should specifically mention each stage of the archetypal “life journey”—separation, initiation ,and return— in Homer’s epic poem. Since books 9-13 of The Odyssey is predominantly about the initiation phase of their journey, the paper should analyze a specific dangerous moment of initiation when Odysseus and /or the crew faced: a monster, a challenge, or a test. Also, it should discuss whether or not they were able to move on or lost momentum from this initiation experience. Describe how one initiation experience in The Odyssey represents the archetypal initiation stage of every human life journey? The essay should closely analyze one initiation experience in The Odyssey and explain the mythic symbolism of it as a test. It should analyze the mythic significance of monsters or mythic figures involved in this test (the Sirens, the Lotus Eaters, King Aeolus, or Scylla and Charybdis) and state whether or not Odysseus and his crew “passed the test.” For example, the essay should state which mythic creatures symbolize the internal conflict with which Odysseus and/or the crew are struggling, such as addiction, comfort, greed, self-sabotage?

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