*This has an excel/math component that needs to be reviewed or potentially corrected. I’ve attached it along with previous correlating assignments. Please take this into account for your bid.
Prompt: For this milestone, submit a draft of the alternative costing method section of the final project (Section IV), including all of critical elements listed below.
Refer to the Hampshire Company Case Study document, as this provides details on how to complete this milestone. All calculations for your quantitative analysis
should be completed in the Hampshire Company Spreadsheet. You will provide a rough draft of your qualitative analysis in a Word document.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
IV. Alternative Costing Method
There are various costing methods available for companies to implement. As a company grows, it may become beneficial to consider an alternate costing
A. Identify an alternative costing method that could benefit this company, and describe the main characteristics of that method.
B. What should a company look for when trying to determine whether they should adopt such a system?
C. Should the company adopt this alternative costing method? Defend your response.

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