This is a theological paper and such reflect such with a balanced use of the Bible as well as other Scholarly
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The Kingdom of God in the Book of Psalms
Kingship, royalty, and the Messiah are major themes throughout the Psalms. One group of Psalms is called the Enthronement Psalms (Psalm 93-99 with the possible addition of Psalm 47). Another group of 10 is called the Royal Psalms. Using particular passages, the student is to lay out the meaning of the Kingdom of God as we find it in the Psalms.
a.Identification of the Kingship of God as expressed in the Psalms.
b.Comparison of Kingship with references to the Messiah in the Psalms.
c.Without reference to New Testament theology, determine the understanding we find in the Psalms of the throne of God and His rulership on earth.
d.Determine the degree to which these passages in Psalms found fulfillment in David and/or Solomon.
e.Using the Psalms, formulate a possible understanding of the coming Kingdom and the Messiah that existed in Israel as she moved toward the New Testament.

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